“On a recent project with 268 shots, a tight deadline and 18 artists located around the world, ShotRunner provided us with a central global management and tracking system. As a supervisor, I could communicate with the artists, and see exactly what was going on. Once the production got the hang of it, they fell in love with it as well. ShotRunner delivers on the long held promise of remote creative collaboration.”

– Mike Seymour, co-founder, fxphd

"With artists and clients all over the world, our company would simply not be able to function without ShotRunner. ShotRunner is an essential part of every aspect of our pipeline. From facilitating asset distribution and project management to promoting collaboration and communication, ShotRunner is our one stop solution for ensuring that projects finish on budget and on time.”

– David Hackenburg, co-founder, Boundary VFX Ltd.


January, 2015: Sadly, the ShotRunner service has been shut-down indefinitely. Thank you for the years of support and we certainly hope we made a small contribution to the VFX community with the service. We are considering offers and proposals on the source code. Please email with questions.

Production tracking, collaboration and management
for VFX, Animation and Multi-Media projects.

ShotRunner is an online web application that lets distributed production teams stay coordinated, informed and productive. It provides structure and visibility for all kinds of media projects: films, commercials, cartoons, Flash interactive sites, even PowerPoint presentations.

While the big facilities have elaborate home-grown systems for managing their workflows, small and independent productions have been stuck with spreadsheets and other ad-hoc ways of staying organized. ShotRunner allows independent producers and VFX supervisors to break down and organize shows, communicate with their teams, assign and review work, and share files.

No more email overload and spreadsheet heck!

  • Web-based: No installation. Access from any browser. We maintain it.
  • Instant: Website, forums, file sharing, tasks, pages in minutes.
  • Centralized: Everything is in one place, organized and searchable.
  • Simple: No startup costs. No consultants. No IT staff.
  • Secure: Each account gets it own private database.
  • Geeky: Python API lets you integrate it with your pipeline.

From boutique shops to major feature films

Even though ShotRunner has been used on several feature films, we believe in keeping things simple and affordable. Which is why media colleges, virtual production companies, boutique shops, and independent film productions all love ShotRunner. You are going to love it too.

Why not Sign Up for a free trial and try it out on your own projects? Or, if you have a question, ask us via email or the ShotRunner Support forums. Or, if you are really feeling non-committal, stay informed by signing up for our newsletter.